An Ode to Booth Directors

Most VO actors/actresses attend the occasional VO workshop. If you had the choice of attending a workshop where you could get in front of an agent OR an agency’s booth director, which one would you choose?

Booth directors often do more recruiting of talent to agencies than agents do. This is because booth directors are the ones who work with talent on their reads daily. They know how directable and dynamic each talent is; they know which reads booked which jobs, not just WHO booked the job, but the READ that booked the job.

If you read for a booth director and they like what they hear, there’s a good chance they’ll recommend you to their agency. Even if it’s not the right time for that, now you have a connection with someone who has influence inside an agency. Plus, you’ll always pick up some great audition tips from a booth director.

So don’t just hold out for workshops with agents. Get in front of those all-important (and sometimes under-appreciated) booth directors, too.

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