Narration Quote Lite

Use this calculator to help determine a price for a narration-style script. If you will be doing post-production (e.g., editing, file processing) as well as voicing the script, this calculator assumes that that is accounted for in the rate. For example, $0.05 per word for raw audio and $0.065 per word for edited audio.

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This "lite" version lets you enter your script length in pages (12 pt., 1 1/2-spaced) or finished minutes and your rate in studio hours. The calculator will do the conversions for you.

Note that the rate is in dollars. Convert the currency here: X-Rates: Currency Exchange.

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Please note, these results are approximate. Many factors (e.g., pacing, difficulty, script formatting, skill level) affect script recording rates and post-production times. This calculator and its results are intended as an indication, not an exact calculation. How you use this information is your responsibility.

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