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The Problem: If you’re a voice talent, an engineer, or a producer, setting rates and budgets can be tricky: Union vs. non-union, rates by the word, hour, page, recording hours vs. finished hours. If a client tells you they have a script that’s 135 pages or 16,500 words, how fast can you come up with a budget?

The Solution: Time to make life simpler. With our online calculators, you can convert words to pages, recorded minutes to finished minutes, pages to finished hours. You can easily experiment with pricing commercial scripts by the spot or by the session. You can determine an entire production budget in minutes. Easy.

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Script Conversion

VO M.O. Voice Over Pricing Script Conversion Calculator

Easily convert your script from one unit to another, like words to pages or lines to recorded minutes.
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Narration Quote

VO M.O. Voice Over Pricing Narration Quote Calculator

A simple way to set a fair price for a narration job. Enter the length of the script and your rate and the calculator will figure the price for you.
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Hourly Rate

VO M.O. Voice Over Pricing Hourly Rate Calculator

Find out what you’re really making an hour! Not sure about the recording or post time? Enter the script length and the calculator will approximate it for you.
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Commercial Rates

VO M.O. Voice Over Pricing Commercial Rates Calculator

Test out different ways to price commercial work. Enter your rate per spot, per tag, or per session. Or, enter them all and compare!
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Production Budget

VO M.O. Voice Over Production Budget Calculator

Determine the budget for an entire spoken word production. If you don’t know the recording time, the calculator will estimate if for you. You can set different rates for recording and post, choose your editing ratio, and include additional post time. Budgets in seconds!
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